National Policy Strategist Team

Kiara St. James

Kiara St. James, has been a community organizer and public speaker for over 20 years. She has been instrumental in changing shelter policies that were discriminatory towards the Trans community, and presented workshops concerning marginalized communities at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria and the United Nations, as well as at other conferences and academic institutions.  For the last 17 years Kiara has also been coordinating meetings with legislators to discuss the importance of passing Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act, a bill that will enrich the lives of all New Yorkers through creating culturally affirming spaces.  Kiara is the Founder and current Executive director of the New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG inc), A grassroots  501c-3 non-profit  organization, that is Trans-led and intent on creating new opportunities for the Trans community, through various partnerships and sustainable innovative initiatives.


Mattee Jim

Mattee Jim is of the Zuni People Clan and born for the Towering House people clan, this is how she identifies as aDineh (Navajo). Mattee has been active in the HIVPrevention field for the past 18 years, she has presented at several Conferences such as the International AIDS Conference 2012,United States Conference on AIDS, and the National HIV Prevention Conference, and many more to list. Matteehas also been doing Transgender Advocacy since the late 90’s and has done it on the local, state and national level. Matteecurrently is employed with First Nations Community HealthSource as a Supervisor for HIV Prevention Programs. She is also a decision making member and Community Co Chair for the New Mexico Community Planning and Action Group which addresses HIV Prevention within the State of New Mexico, Board Member for Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, Planning Committee Member for Circle of Harmony,member of the Native LGBTQ2S Advisory Committee for SWIWC, Member of the National Transgender Coalition for Transgender Law Center, Transgender Advocate, Trainer, Consultant, and Extraordinary Person. Mattee’s Journey has been a Blessed one since she started her sobriety several years ago.

Kayla Gore

Kayla Gore is located in Memphis, Tennessee Her organizing work has included assisting in several campaigns with the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, including fighting for housing equality for all people who are chronically homeless and advocating for the just treatment of transgender people by law enforcement. She has a long history working for the rights of transgender people in Memphis.


Tanya Asapansa-Johnson Walker

Tanya Asapansa-Johnson Walker is 55 years old, Honorably Discharged U.S Army Veteran. She is the Co-Founder of  New Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG) Attended the College of Staten Island, studied Social Work for 3 years, before having to leave abruptly due to discrimination and threat of violence. Tanya is a member of the Stonewall Democrats, A Member of the  Black And Latino Coalition, A Member of the GENDA Advocates Coalition with Governor Cuomo’s Staff, representing NYTAG along with other LGBTQ organizations in the State of New York. Worked as a Case Manager in Transgender Transitional Housing housing program for 7 years. She has been fighting for Transgender Civil Rights protections or the Gender Non Discrimination Act for 13 years,Tanya has been an LGBTQ Activist for more than 25 years. She is a feminist who has fought for Women’s Rights, and is fighting currently for the rights of all Trans and Cis Both documented and undocumented. Tanya also has fought for the Rights of our Undocumented Immigrants, Tanya thinks that as soon as you breathe the air in the United States immigrants should be allowed to stay. Tanya has traveled to different places in the world and has developed an understanding of many different cultures.


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