The Trans March on DC’s national policy consists of three very important components. They include:
Intent: In order for us to have a significant paradigm shift, our National family must start to engage both local and national elected officials in ongoing dialogue.
Intersectionality: We must continue to build bridges with civil rights movements, women’s organizations, and businesses whose issues are aligned with our communities. 
Impact: To create long term sustainability, in regards to affirming local and national TGNC policies, we must center increasing employment opportunities and focus on providing services that lead to better health outcomes.
We will be prioritizing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as our number one national policy. This is because it is often a key lifeline to so many TGNC individuals across our nation and is currently under attack with a repeal by this administration.
Please click on link for more information on ACA 

Equality Act is another one of our priorities.  The laws in place protect people based on race, sex, disability, and religion, yet there are no explicit protections for people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity in all areas of public life. Our siblings are regularly refused critical medical care, even by emergency responders. The Equality Act would update our laws to provide all people with full protection from discrimination – and that’s why we need to enact this historic legislation.

While the Trump administration continues to work at every turn to undermine our progress by arguing that this kind of discrimination is lawful, we must fight back by ensuring that LGBTQ people are able to lead lives free from the deep harms of discrimination. There’s too much at stake to sit quietly and wait – particularly for our transgender community, who’ve been battling from North Carolina to Alaska for the right just to exist in public spaces. In every state and every community – transgender people belong, and our laws should reflect that.

Equality will never be real if we fear being turned away from a job or business or treated differently because of who we are.

For more information on the Equality Act click the link below.

ACLU – Equality Act

Why Policies Matter?

Our emerging community has seen decades of hard won legislation for our national family, many of them by executive order, wiped out by this current administration in the time span of a year. The blatantly biased attack on our communities civil liberties must become a national rallying cry, a call to action, that must have several layers of advocacy components to it. It is with this purpose that we all must do our part to personalize and cultivate relationships with our respective state legislators so that our issues are not discussed in an abstract and too often sensationalized way, which creates fear mongering and alienates us. This has led to us being denied basic civil rights that are afforded to every other citizen of this nation.
It is with this in mind that our TGNC/NB National Policy platform will address and prioritize TGNC/NB legislation that will address:


-Provide needed protections against racial & gender based discrimination and violence in various realms.


-Ensure that all health care and social service providers in the nation are trained to provide quality services to Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary Communities.


-Make investments in employment for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary Communities.

For more information on National Trans Visibility Policy Agenda contact our

National Policy Director Kiara St. James at Admin@TransMarchOnDC.org

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