NTVM Response to Military Court Ruling


January 22, 2019

National Trans Visibility March on DC Leadership Response to Court Ruling Regarding Trans in the Military

INTRODUCTION: National Trans Visibility March (NTVM) on DC, Leadership Statement in Response to latest court ruling Upholding President Trumps Ban on Trans in the Military

WHEN/WHERE: Nationwide

PURPOSE: To provide media outlets with an Approved Naonal Trans Visibility March Organizing Team Statement, as this most recent ruling serves as yet another example for #WhyWeMarch. Statement has been provided by NTVM Sr. Ambassador and US Army Veteran, Tatyana Moaton. a soldier.

” When we are in basic training we are taught that you are a soldier first. Your job is secondary. In combat, it doesn’t matter whether you are a cook or in an administrative role, we are all trained to defend our country. We all are taught the same basic principles and skills in combat. The notion that it would cost this country any more to allow transgender soldiers to serve is a foolish one and irresponsible agenda. Trans people have always served the United States, and the cost was no greater than the next service member. The cost of having to suppress or try to suppress who we are is actually the greatest cost of all.

The recent ruling against transgender service members is a sad day in this country that codifies discrimination against trans individuals based partly on healthcare costs.

My community is vulnerable to discrimination, but to have our president, The Supreme Court of The United States, and our Congress actively trying to strip away our safety nets is a heightened, aggressive form of harm. When our elected officials encourage discrimination against my community, we are even more vulnerable to violence. When they strip away our humanity, others feel it’s OK and trans people are made even more unsafe. We are living during a me where violence against trans individuals is at an all-time high. Each day that trans people step out of their doors, they have to think , “Will I be the one to die today?” As a society interested in progress, we should all be shocked, alarmed, and dismayed by a government that blatantly condones discrimination.

I enlisted in the military not because I was forced to by a draft, but because I felt a duty to fight for the rights and liberties that we enjoy each and every day! I stood in the Military Entrance Processing Station in Indianapolis, IN and I took an oath that says “I will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” My Trans brothers and sisters have fought and died for this country right alongside our cisgender brothers and sisters. When you are in the trenches of war and on the battlefield, you don’t have time to care about what a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation is; what matters is that your bale buddy will have your back. Being able to serve openly and freely is a basic human right that we all should be afforded no matter our gender identity or expression. What President Trump has done has basically said to people like me, “You are fit to pay taxes, but not fit to serve.”

Trans individuals give to this country just as much as any other American citizen. We are productive tax paying citizens, who love this country just as much as everyone else! We don’t want special treatment; we just want fair and equal treatment.”

TARGET AUDIENCE: All interested Media Outlets

The lead Point of Contact for this advisory is Ms. Cordelia Donovan via email: iam@cordeliadonovaninc.com or via phone: (646)678-6048 or you may contact Washington, DC liaison; Thomasina Perkins-Washington via email: media@capitolpublicrelations.com or via phone (202) 486-0698. They are available to assist with any questions and/or to provide you with any additional information.

About the National Trans Visibility March (NTVM): The Ties That Bind Us – September 28, 2019 we will march in solidarity in support of equal rights and inclusion for the Trans community. Encouraging all to March while demanding justice for those whose lives were taken through senseless acts of violence and murders.

About Tatyana Moaton, Sr. Ambassador, NTVM and US Army Veteran: served in the U.S. Army from 1995-2003 as a 35F Military Intelligence Analyst with the 332nd CSB in Danville, IL. Tatyana graduated from the University of Wisconsin with both a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters of Business – Human Resources Management from the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business and is proficient in 3 foreign languages Spanish, French and Portuguese. Currently, Tatyana is employed as a Human Resources Manager for Howard Brown Health. She strongly believes that trans rights are human rights and fights daily for inclusion of trans individuals in roles of leadership. Daily affirmation “I will continue to fight because I know that I’ll one day meet someone who isn’t strong enough to fight the same battle I’ve won.” Tatyana Moaton, MBA; pronouns: She\her\hers

About Cordelia Donovan Inc. and Capitol Public Relations: Cordelia Donovan Inc. is a public relations firm based in New York specializing in the fields of finance, entertainment, beauty, publishing and politics. http://www.cordeliadonovaninc.com Partnered with Capitol Public Relations LLC is a public relations firm based in Washington, D.C. Metro Area servicing corporate, non-profit, entertainment and sports professionals globally. http://www.capitolpublicrelations.com


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