The Ties That Bind Us

We urge you join us September 2019 as we march in solidarity in support of equal rights and inclusion for our community. March with us to demand justice for our siblings whose lives were taken through senseless murders


We heard the community…

As the Senior Strategy Director for the National Trans Visibility March, I am saddened, but not defeated, to have to postpone the first National Trans Visibility March, initially scheduled to be held March 31 & April 1, 2019, in Washington, DC, to be held in September 2019.

WE WILL march stronger than ever, WE WILL march more prepared than ever…WE WILL march more motivated than ever… we will NOTbe detoured for fighting for our equal rights, health equity and job security. It is my hope that Transgender and Gender Non-Binary communities, as well as our allied partners, will not hold the National Trans Visibility March at fault for the postponing of the march, but will continue to work with us, as you have been doing so diligently, as we continue our Journey to DC!

As the Lead Organizer, I take full responsibility for not foreseeing time restrictions and the overall cost for such an amazing event. After re-thinking and looking over our planning, we did not allow ourselves enough time for substantial fundraising and relationship building. I have been speaking with several leaders across the country, very late into the planning of the march, and we realized we could not have the National Trans Visibility March on April 1st in part due to it being recognized as “April Fool’s Day” which meant re-thinking our route and securing new permits.

I am completely grateful for the support and amazing leadership from the entire National Trans Visibility Organizing Team! Before making this very difficult decision I consulted with many community leaders from across country:

  • Maria Roman & Chela DeMore (Los Angeles, CA); 
  • Arianna Lint & Cameron Pizarro (Ft. Lauderdale, FL); 
  • Kiara St James (New York, NY);
  • Tatyana Moaton and Trisha Holloway (Midwest Region) and;
  • many others!

They believe as I do, this adjustment was necessary and fuels our mission even more! I will be working with all 52 of our ambassadors leading up to the march, bringing more awareness to:

  • Voter registration; 
  • web-based training on community engagement and;
  • working with our policymakers nationwide.

The next 6 months WE WILL continue to raise money and build alliances across the country, WE WILL continue meeting with our policymakers, WE WILL continue working to end HIV by 2030, and WE WILL continue to demand equity and social justice.

In Solidarity,

Marissa Miller
Senior Strategy Director

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